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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Police Dog Fired For Being ‘Too Friendly’ Found His Dream Job.

He was originally stationed at the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Australia.

His handlers decided to cut him from the 16-month training program in February because he was just too sociable for the force.

Gavel later returned to his former home with the Governor of Queensland.

He was initially fostered as a puppy at this home before he was sent off to the academy.

So, this whole time he was living with a governor?

Yes. He lived at the Queensland governor's official home throughout the K-9's training.

Governor Paul de Jersey first met Gavel when he was just 10 weeks old back in April 2016.

After the pup was let go from his police training, however, Jersey decided to make Gavel a permanent member of the family.

Not only did he take Gavel in, he awarded him with a prestigious title and a new job that was perfect for his personality.

In February, Gavel received the highest recognition by becoming the Vice-Regal Dog.

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